Tree Protection Initiative of Hannover


Development and activities of the Tree Protection Initiative in Hannover 

Since 1985, extensive correspondence with the ...Grünflächenamt about disgraces in the Georgengarten and lack of tree protection

1989: Fight for a “car-free” Georgengarten(Regional Council, newspapers)

1991: ...Fachaufsichtsbeschwerdevia the Environment Protection Office because of unlicensed cutting down of trees (particularly by offices and authorities)

1993: Extension of Nienburger Street. Requiring and realisation of tree protection measures: building of a tree protection curtain (which, however, was ruined again by the Grünflächenamt by driving over it!) 

1995: Diploma paper by Matthias Hollerbach on this building measure:

"Tree protection in the planning process of building measures of municipal road construction – Analysis based on a case study in Hannover" (University of Hannover) .

January 1994: Application as Field and Forest Guard at the Town Clerk’s Office

18. January 1995: Appointment and nomination as honorary field and forest guard of the city of Hannover-for two years “on approval”.

Spring 1995: parts of the University move into the Continental skyscraper.

Protest against cars parking on tree islands ...Baumscheiben: talks with Environment Protection Office, Civil Engineering Office, Grünflächenamt, University, Federal Structural Engineering Office, and police.

Prohibited by the Town Clerk’s Office to turn to the newspapers (Requirement to remain silent)

August 1995: in front of the Continental skyscraper, bollards are erected to protect the trees and lawn against cars.

November 1995: Objection against the damage of trees during the Historical Restoration of the Georgengarten at the Environment Protection Committee, Regional Council North, Conurbation Union, Expo, Regional Government, Department for Environment Protection of Lower Saxony at Hannover, Federal Department for Environment Protection at Bonn.

December 1995: unanimous decision of the Local Council of the city of Hannover in favour of the planned change-over of the Georgengarten (without initial visit of the location!) under the condition of particular tree protection.

May 1996: Beginning of the building measures in the Georgengartenby a road construction contractor: building of the lawn oval in front of the Wilhelm-Busch-Museum.

Newspapers informed because of damage to trees (cut-off roots vanished without a trace!)

Summer 1996: 1050 signatures handed over to Mayor Schmalstieg against a further change-over of the Georgengarten.

Due to the high approval, founding of the Tree Protection Initiative Hannover

26.8.96: Demonstration against further road construction through Herrenhäuser Allee

October 1996: Photo-exhibition "My friend the tree – how should we treat our friends?" in the North library (with evening lectures)

Nov/Dec 96: Repetition of the photo-exhibition due to the high demand at the public library Am Lindener Marktplatz

6. January 1997: first Inhabitants‘ question time in the Environment Protection Committee.

Question: "Are the tree protection statutes valid also for the town administration?"

10. January 1997: surprising cancellation of my honorary post for 17.1.97 by the Town Clerk’s Office of Hannover – due to my complaints and reports about breaking of the tree protection statutes.

February 1997: Open letter to the EXPO-City Hannover (disappeared in the Mayor’s Office!)

February 1997: Repetition of the photo-exhibition at the public library Roderbruch

April 1997: Repetition of the photo-exhibition at the public library Limmer Straße (with children’s handicraft event)

April 97: complaint about the parking chaos at the Zoo. (Letter disappeared again in the Mayor’s Office – in spite of a confirmation of receipt!) 

June 97: Repetition of the photo-exhibition at the public library Herrenhausen

7. June 97: Information stall at the Herrenhausen market

29. June 97: Information stall at the summer festival of the Birkenhof

5. July 97: Information stallbat the children’s festival at the Lutherkirche with children’s handcraft event

8. July 97: Wendland-School: talk to four forms about tree protection 

12. July 97: Information stall at the Callin Street festival with children’s handcraft event

13. July 97: Information stall bat the summer festival of the Corvinus Church with handcraft event 

3. August 97: Information stall at the Kröpcke

10. August 97: Information stall in the Georgengarten

31. August 97: Information stall at the open-air concert of the Chopin-Society in front of the Wilhelm-Busch-Museum

Sept/Oct. 97:Repetition of the photo-exhibition in the school biology centre Hannover-Herrenhausen-Burg(was boycotted by the hosts!)

14. Sept. 97: Environment forum with exhibition, information stall, and handcraft event.

28. Sept. 97: Sunday-morning walk in the school-biology centre about the topic "My friend the tree – how should we treat our friends?"

May 98: complaint about VIP cars in front of the Wilhelm-Busch-Museum (at the newly built lawn oval!) 

July98: complaints about cars on lawn areas and tree islands in the Georgengarten – in particular at major events: cars are permitted to park below trees – with official licence of the town administration!

August 98: Reply of the Grünflächenamtes to newspaper reports 

Interview with Radio Flora about the tree protection statutes in Hannover 

Complaint about garbage bags in the Georgengarten

1999: 55 E-mails to the head of the Grünflächenamtes about disgraces in the Georgengarten (some of which disappeared) 

Sept. 99: repeated pleas for support to the Regional Council North 

approx. 30 newspaper articles and letters to the Editor 


Compilation of articles in the press

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