Baumschutzinitiative Hannover

Datum=07.11.1996; Quelle=HAZ; Ressort=STAN;
GEORGENGARTEN / SPD-politician supports tree protection initiative

“Twenty lime trees can still be saved.“

“We can still save twenty lime trees”, is the hopeful prognosis of Julia-Gertraud Hamann, spokes-woman of the Tree Protection Initiative in Hanover. She refers to tress which might fall victim to the historical change-over of the Georgengarten. As we reported, the road network in the vicinity of the Wilhelm-Busch-Museums is currently redesigned for 395 000 Deutschmarks in such a way that people walking there can feel like 150 years ago. The area between the Museum and the Herrenhäuser Allee has already been converted into the historical state.

The objections of 1050 inhabitants of Hanover and a small demonstration could not prevent this. Now, a letter signed by all members of the initiative and sent to Mayor Herbert Schmalstieg, and an inhabitants’ petition filed at the Local and Regional Councils are to drum up help for the trees. They are to prevent the change-over of the walkways between the Alley and  Nienburger Street. Because: “There is no reason to continue with the change-over; one historical way has already been crossed out because it would have run over rare, protection-worthy kinds of grass ”, as the tree protector argues. Thus, the historical exactness could not be achieved anymore anyway. Moreover, the ecological price of this Expo-project would be in no acceptable relation to the aspired-to success of the change-over.

Hamann is now backed by Werner Helwig, party whip of the Social Democratic Party in the Local Council North. “Even though it had been agreed that the change-over works should be done with the utmost care, in order to save the roots of the trees, excavators have been used for the excavation of the walkways, which is a clear break of the agreement”, he accuses the DGAH. The politician agrees with Hamann also about the evaluation of the new historical walkway network: in his mind, it is messy, necessitates detours, and could aesthetically not hold a candle to the previous one.

  “Yet, the Regional Council can unfortunately not do anything against the imminent continuation of the northern part of the change-over”, Helwig puts a damper on the hopes of the tree protectors. “The administration insists that the decision of the Local Council is realised.” This is confirmed by Kaspar Klaffke, head of the DGAH: “The council’s decision is clear, there is no need for further discussions. Now that the are for in-line skaters in the Georgengarten has been granted, we will also continue the road construction.”

Until then, however,  Julia-Gertraud Hamann and her comrades-in-arms will continue their struggle for “their” trees in the Georgengarten. vm

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