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  Datum=03.12.1996; Quelle=HAZ; Ressort=LOKA;
Readers write to the local editor

Only in the heads

Re. the article “On the way towards the Expo-Park” from November 13th:

30 new small trees have been planted in the Georgengarten - hallelujah! Unfortunately, the article remains silent on the fact that the historical change-over of walkways did lead to re-location and cutting of other trees and that 45 trees (some of them more than 200 years old) were damaged. If the new trees are planted, as planned, beneath the large trees (information on this issue is kept highly secret), you can estimate how long it will take that the old trees have to be cut down so that the new ones can grow. A nice reason to get rid of the old “troublemakers”, which do not fit into the historical plan anyway. (Do cars in the park fit into the “historical” picture?) After all, these trees were also smaller 150 years ago, and a landscape architect argued consequently: “In a natural monument, you cannot simply let grow anything!” Yet, we wonder whether the city wants protection of nature in the first place. Obviously, the tree protection statutes are only an obstruction for the citizens, whereas the city, who agreed on them, can generously ignore the rules. Apparently, environment protection, if any, happens only in the heads!

  Hannover Julia-Gertraud Hamann

  Tree Protection Initiative Hannover

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