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  Datum=19.12.1996; Quelle=HAZ; Ressort=STAN;
Stories from the town districts

Second helping

One year ago

  . . . the honorary field and forest guard Julia-Gertraud Hamann started her crusade against the design ambitions of the city administration. In time for the Expo 2000, the municipality want to turn back the Georgengarten to its original appearance, undo architectural sins of the past, and change over the road network in such a way that it corresponds to the 19th Century model. “Completely superfluous and hazardous for the old trees”, is the verdict of the tree-lover, who made it her aim to pillory, if not prevent the crassest short-comings of the DGAH. Unflinchingly, she protested against the project, organised a small demonstration, founded a tree protection initiative, and gathered comrades-in-arms from her part of town. Just as unflinchingly, the DGAH kept working on the roads, supported by a decision of the Local Council. The DGAH does not reckon with damage to the trees.
According to the city administration, there is no need for discussion anymore, and the civil servants working at the department are definitely peeved when the topic  Tree Protection Initiative comes up. Which for Julia-Gertraud Hamann may be some kind of success: if the change-over cannot be stopped, at least its continuation is not hushed up. vo

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