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  Datum=07.01.1997; Quelle=HAZ; Ressort=LOKA;
  Überschrift=Keine_halben_Antworten_plappern; Name=Einwohnerfragestunde;
Question Time/ Premiere

No half answers, please

Citizens ask, civil servants answer. Ideally. This is how the premiere of this event called “Population question time” went down yesterday in the town hall. Not the population is asked, but the inhabitant do ask the administration about given issues. On Monday, the issue was the environment.
But what are the attendants entitled to ask. Committee chairman Rolf Kindermann reads out the regulations: questions about general topics of the committee, including the agenda, and two additional questions about the topic of the first question. Nothing more.

Julia-Gertraud Hamann is honorary field and forest guard of the City of Hanover. Her jumper bears the legend “Trees die silently”. Which is indisputably true, otherwise the noise would be unbearable. And now for question No. 1:  “Do the tree protection statutes apply also to the administration?” She has observed things which let her doubt that this is the case. Head of Department Hans ignores the question. “We all have learn how to handle this question time procedure.” Questions about the agenda, for instance, are not scheduled. Rather than “giving half answers”, questions should be answered in full, but in written form. Gerhard Meyer, head of the department for Environment Protection, however, reacts in a sovereign way, which should have pacified Ms Hamann: “Every known breach of the statutes is persecuted without respect of person.” Indeed, this is our idea of the administration

When another inhabitant chastises a “fruit-tree massacre” in the Kronsberg, where parking lots for the fair are to be built, the administration calms down things again: this was admissible, because substituting measures had been taken - for every big fruit-tree, three new small ones had been planted. Seen this way, the first population question time stood the test: the world in Hanover is alright, and so is the environment.

One question still remains open: are inhabitants entitled to ask questions about the agenda, or don’t they? gum

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