Baumschutzinitiative Hannover

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  Datum=06.06.1997; Quelle=HAZ; Ressort=LOKA;
Readers write to the local editor


Re. the article “Helicopters came every ten minutes” from May 22nd :

Very strange that the Department for Environment Protection in Hanover “did not expect any increased noise pollution” when granting the license? How unworldly can the responsible employees get, actually? I do experience the same attitude in nature protection issues: the cutting off of strong roots during the historical restoration of the Georgengarten  is allegedly no breach of the tree protection statutes because the city administration does “not expect any damage”. Who will take responsibility if the experts have been wrong? As the consequences will become visible only after several years, those who gave the permissions will have long been retired. This is how environmental protection is done in a city which during the Expo will present itself to the world as “The city as garden”!

Hannover Julia-Gertraud Hamann,

Chairwoman of the Tree Protection Initiative Hannover

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