Baumschutzinitiative Hannover

 Datum=19.07.1997; Quelle=HAZ; Ressort=LOKA;
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The town clerk’s office blocks off

In her fight for the conservation of the municipal green areas, tree-protector Julia Gertraud Hamann, who is known all over town, has lately been also crusading against the local town clerk’s office. Her motive is definitely worth mentioning: The founder of the “Tree Protection Initiative Hannover” has reported countless parking culprits to the office who have parked on areas around trees not covered with asphalt and thus have broken the law. As several drivers now claimed not to have been in Hanover on the days in question, the town clerk’s office has asked for additional proofs. The engaged environment protector had these at the ready in form of photographs, which she sent to the office immediately. The problem: Julia Gertraud Hamann did choose a small format, and sometimes she economically shot several cars on one single photograph. The number plates of several culprits can hardly be recognises. “You would need a looking-glass, and that we don’t have”, the town clerk’s office complained, and asked for larger pictures. The environment protector shies away from the costs, and is enraged: “How can it be that such an office does not own a looking-glass?”, is her indignant comment. “I wonder whether I should not start a call for donations with the motto ‘A looking-glass for the town clerk’s office’.

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