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  Datum=21.08.1997; Quelle=HAZ; Ressort=STAW;
Readers write to the local editor

City of tin

Re. article “Chaos at the Zoo” from August 7th:

As early as April I sent a complaint to Mayor Schmalstieg about the chaotic situation at the Zoo. He, however, did not see any need for action. Neither did the zoo administration feel responsible in any way; they were exclusively interested in their profit margin. The situation is similar around the Maschsee, the stadium, and the ...Schützenplatz. In Herrenhausen, surrounding green areas were officially “marketed” as parking spaces for a fee of four Marks, without any regard to the trees. If this example becomes the norm, come Expo-time Hannover will not be a “City as Garden” but a “City of tin”.

  Hannover, Julia-Gertraud Hamann

Chairwoman of the Tree Protection Initiative Hannover

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