Baumschutzinitiative Hannover

Datum=30.12.1997; Quelle=HAZ; Ressort=LOKA;
Readers write to the local editor

Power games

Re. article “Social Democrats scold Schmalstieg” from December 13th:

The fight for the chestnut tree in front of the Landtag shows once again that the tree protection statutes are rather a tool for political power games than for the well-being of the trees. The City of Hanover, who agreed on theses statutes, implemented sufficient loopholes to get away with murder. Thus, the statutes are valid only “for the others”, whereas the administration themselves cuts down countless trees unscrupulously and at random. At Herrenhausen, for instance, healthy trees were cut down unscrupulously for the historical restoration of the Georgengarten; old, dignified trees were damaged. The tree protection statutes are consciously hollowed out and only serve as a fig-leaf for the Expo-City of Hanover. If Mayor Schmalstieg actually does have a heart for the trees in Hanover, he should once in a while have an eye on where his own colleagues wield their saws, instead of officially offering the damaging parking on root areas!

  Hannover Julia-Gertraud Hamann

Spokes-woman of the Tree Protection Initiative


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