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Datum=08.05.1998; Quelle=HAZ; Ressort=LOKA;
Readers write to the local editor

The usual picture

Re. article “Generous collectors are always welcome” from April 18th:

Not only the arts fair is very “Hanoverian”, also its surroundings. Just as in the previous year, there was the usual picture already during the opening: masses of cars around the ...Großen Garten. Whereas last year it was permitted against a fee to park on green areas and root areas, the parking lot wardens had been dispensed with this time. The illustrious guests of honour could do that themselves (of course without a parking fee). The resulting damages were ignored according to the tree protection statutes: Mayor Schmalstieg is of the opinion that the City of Hannover is already doing “enough” for the trees; the Department for Environment Protection is glad to agree with this view, and the DGAH is conspicuous by its absence. Thus, the damage takes its course unhindered. If this should go on and each day thousands of visitors are expected in the planned rainforest hall, come Expo-Time it is likely that the entire Georgengarten will serve as “makeshift parking lot”. Where else should all the poor cars go anyway?

  Hannover Julia-Gertraud Hamann

  Tree Protection Initiative Hannover

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