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  Datum=11.06.1998; Quelle=HAZ; Ressort=STAN;
  NORDSTADT / City wants to save money through garbage recycling

Yellow garbage bags shine through the Georgengarten

Several strollers wondered about the fact that the litter bins  in the Georgengarten have lately been lined with yellow plastic bags. Also, the bright garbage bags shine around the  Maschsee. These are the same garbage bags which are used by private households for the collection of recyclable material. “There must be something wrong”, presumes Julia-Gertraud Hamann, former field and forest guard of the city of Hanover; after all, “everything goes into the public bins, from sausage to nappies.”

In fact, however, the yellow garbage bags are there by design and not by accident. “Since the end of last year, we have been attempting to direct our garbage into the DSG (Dual System Germany),” Ronald Clark, head of department in the DGAH, explains. This plan could work, if but maximum of 25% of non-recyclable substances would end in these garbage bags.

Mostly, packing material like ice-cream wrappings and drink cans are deposed in these bins. Till now, there have been no complaints of the garbage separation company, Clark stresses. Moreover, the city could save several thousand Marks per year in his way. “The costs per ton of domestic waste are cut away, we only pay for the transport of the bags to the disposal company.” The DSG is not applied in case of major events around the Maschsee - then the respective organiser is responsible for the garbage disposal.

Four weeks ago, the yellow 80-litre bags were also introduced in the Georgengarten. Eight to ten thousand Marks are scheduled to be saved this way, according to Thomas Amelung, in charge of this project at the DGAH. In order to prevent that the capacity of the bags is not enough on weekends, and to avoid that by raking together the garbage around the bins twigs and soil land in the bags, the disposal frequency has lately been increased. “If the weather is fine, when many visitors are expected in the parks, we empty the bins also on Sunday”, Amelung stresses.

Now the head gardener also wants to equip the bins in the ...Großer Garten with the yellow garbage bags. However, Amelung is not sure whether the dots of yellow will be tolerated there. “We will wail how the public will react.” sim

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