Baumschutzinitiative Hannover

Compilation of articles in the press 



HAZ = Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung

HaWo= Hannoversches Wochenblatt

HaSo = Hallo Sonntag

NP = Neue Presse 

Vorort = Newspaper of the Social Democratic Pary


17.8.79 HAZ: (Letter to the Editor) Pothole-disaster-way (new cycle track map)

19.5.80 HAZ: The first nightingale had an audience of eighty (Photo)

23.10.89 HAZ: Fight for a “car-free” Georgengarten. Park maintenance with horses and electro-carts? 

18.12.89 HAZ : Vehicle traffic in the Georgengarten is to be restricted

21.12.89 HAZ: Disapproved (Cars in the Georgengarten)

22.3.90 HAZ : Cars not permitted on the cycle tracks any more (Georgengarten)

5.7.90 HAZ: "Munching away " (Gugelhupf as thank-you for the Regional Council)

18.11.91 HAZ: National Day of Mourning not to become a mere ritual (Photo)

22.8.90 HaWo: Guided tour through the Georgengarten (Photo)

Aug. 90 HAZ: Guided tour through the Georgengarten (Photo)

13.7.92 NP: When it smells of liver-sausage, then the thyme is in bloom (Photo)

21.10.93 HAZ: Trees will not survive the operation (Nienburger Str.)

21.12.93 HAZ: (Letter to the Editor)In the forest of traffic signs (cyclists lock horns)

Dec. 93 HaWo: Letter to the Editor on the article: the Eilenriede to become a jungle of traffic signs?

30.12.93 HAZ : (Letter to the Editor) Trees don’t have a Lobby (Tree protection statutes) 

26.7.94 HAZ: (Letter to the Editor) Alternativefair ...Schützenfest? (Fairground ...Schützenplatz is running out of electric energy)

19.10.94 HaWo: (Letter to the Editor) More parking tickets (Cars on pavements)

14.1.95 HAZ: Railway ignorant about bus schedules

4.5.95 HaWo: Letter to the Editor(University moves into Continental skyscraper) 

27.7.95 HAZ: Letter to the Editor: Only barring helps (Continental skyscraper: piece of lawn becomes hot turf)

27.9.95 HAZ: Letter to the Editor : Human hearts (Farewell of the Mayor)

26.11.95 HaSo: Field and Forest Guard

13.4.96 HAZ: Letter to the Editor: Serving as a model (Foresters get on their bikes)

6.6.96 HAZ: Plane tree gets it in the roots. Georgengarten/Julia Hamann is worried about road construction

15.8.96 HAZ: From her balcony, she overlooks her beat. Field and Forest Guard takes the initiative for tree protection – mainly in the Georgengarten)

27.8.96 HAZ: Only nine people turn up at demonstration. Georgengarten/trees

1.9.96 HaSo: Tree protection versus History. Quarrel about restoration of the Georgengarten

13.10.96 HaSo: Trees die silently. Photo exhibition in the North library... Nordstdtbücherei

7.11.96 HAZ:Twenty lime trees may still be saved. Georgengarten/ SPD-politicians support tree protection initiative

3.12.96 HAZ: Letter to the Editor: Only in the heads (Georgengarten on its way to become EXPO-Park)

19.12.96 HAZ: Second helping/town stories (Crusade of the honorary field and forest guard against the change-over of the Georgengarten)

7.1.97 HAZ: No half answers, please. Question time in the Environment Protection Commitee/Premiere

9.2.97 HaSo: Tree protector is cut down. Town withdraws honorary post

20.2.97 HAZ: Engagement overdone: Town draws the lineAdministrative reasons or a sheer booting out/Field and forest guard must surrender honorary post

3/97 Vorort (SPD): Straight ahead onto the meadow – Traffic jam at the fireworks competition

24.4.97 HAZ: My friend the tree (Handcraft at the photo-exhibition)

6.6.97 HAZ: (Letter to the Editor) Strange (Helicopter came every 10 minutes)

19.7. 97 HAZ: Town Clerk’s Office blocks off (A looking glass for the Town Clerk’s Office)

21.8.97 HAZ: (Letter to the Editor) City of tin (Parking lot chaos at the Zoo)

10.8.97HaSo:Tree protection rules are hollowed out. Former field and forest guard accuses

20.8.97 HaWo: Letter to the Editor: The tree protection statues are death for the small trees

30.12.97 HAZ: (Letter to the Editor) Power games (Mayor Schmalstieg screens the chestnut tree at the Landtag) 

March 98: (planned) Letter to the Editor on the cutting down of the robinia at the 

4.5.98 HAZ: Sometimes cars disturb the gesamtkunstwerk.Wilhelm-Busch- Museum/ Sponsors park before the gates

8.5.98 HAZ: (Letter to the Editor) The usual picture (Parking space situation at the antiquity fair

19.5.98 HAZ: (Letter to the Editor) No private property (on parking in front of the museum

24.5.98 HaSo: Former field and forest guard criticised: tree protection is continuously avoided

27.5.98 HAZ: Report about the field and forest guards (Town gives thanks)

4.6.98 HAZ: Helplessness of the administration (Report on wild parking at theHerrenhausen Gardens

11.6.98 HAZ: Yellow garbage bags are shining through the Georgengarten. North municipality/Town wants to save money with garbage recycling

5.7.98 HaSo: Town promotes wild parking. Tree protector sounds alarm

19.7.98 HaSo: Town opposes reprimands – parking situation in Herrenhausen (Reply of the administration to the report from 5.7.98

8.07.1999 (NP 2): Hotline: Administration not that citizen-friendly


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